CNC Machining

CNC Machining and manufacturing in aerospace, defence and military, food and chemical processing, oil and gas (incl. down hole monitoring), automotive and many other industries. 

CNC Machining

Versatile CNC machining facilities handle parts weighing just a few grams up to 8 tons.

  • Specialized stainless steel and plastic parts 
  • Manufacturing and assembly for defence
  • Machining for food production industry
  • Machined castings for agribusiness
  • Finish machining on fabricated parts
  • CNC parts for scientific research 
  • High-end Aerospace and medical fittings
  • Large parts for energy and minerals sectors
  • CNC Engraving
  • Die making
  • Architectural fittings for construction and infrastructure projects
  • Billet automotive parts
  • Prototyping
  • Pumps manufacture and assembly
  • Coatings to specification
  • Certification to specification

C&C has decades of experience in machining across a diverse range of sectors, so we understand your business needs.  We continue to work with customers in agribusiness, resources, processing, energy, S.T.E.M, construction, transport, defence and many other niche industries that require the highest quality with low cost, trace-ability and accurate lead times.  

Let us help optimize your supply chain.